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Chopstick and succulents 

Chopstick and Succulents is a site that inspires people to grow succulent plants and use them for creative projects—highly recommended for excellent service and a great source for high-quality succulent cuttings

Why Chopstick And Succulents?

One night, using only a single chopstick and some succulents, an empty terracotta pot was transformed into a miniature succulent arrangement.

That magical evening was unexpectedly the beginning of numerous creative projects that gave delight to the newfound hobbyist. 

Theresa Ebro is the founder and designer of Chopstick and Succulents.

She has taught thousands of succulent beginners all sorts of tips and hacks through her YouTube videos. “Her tutorials are a great source of information,” “simple, straight to the point,” and “well-explained videos with great visuals,” are just a few of the positive comments from her audience.

Growing up on a farm, Theresa was used to seeing her parents grow vegetables from seeds. But she took a different path when she became a registered nurse.

Little did she know that her therapeutic hobby would open a whole new world for her.


When she was a beginner herself in growing succulents, she struggled to figure out how to keep them alive and happy at first. Her love for creating arrangements and the joy it brought her were her constant drive to succeed.  

Researching, experimenting, learning from failures, and paying attention to the plants’ behavior have helped her figure out what is wrong with them and rectify it.

When she finally figured out how to properly care for succulents, she shared her knowledge with others. 


Inspired to help those who are struggling to successfully grow succulents, she wrote her first book, “Water Me Next Week, A Succulent’s Plea. A guide to growing succulents for beginners.”                     

Because she frequently worked in her garden, she designed a handy tool to groom and plant succulents. Tweezers for succulents—an efficient and well-made tool that is long enough to reach areas that are difficult to access. A must-have gadget that is well-loved by many succulent lovers.

To learn more about succulents read her blog “12 Important Things You Need To Know About Succulents,” to help you start this hobby successfully.


Theresa Ebro