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How To Decorate The Pumpkin With Succulents!

Succulent pumpkin arrangement

Amaze Your Family And Friends With Your Creativity This Fall! Create A Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement!

Creating arrangements using succulents is always fun and relaxing. Loosen your tensed muscles and enjoy a few minutes of fun by putting together this succulent pumpkin decor that is sure to impress everyone! 

Succulent pumpkin arrangement step-by-step guide
Succulent pumpkin arrangement

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If you’ve been collecting some succulents for a while, this is the time to show them off!  Save a few dollars by using what you’ve already grown in your garden. 

Some succulents are a bit pricey and using them for an arrangement that will not last long as this pumpkin can make you think twice if it’s worth a try.

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But the good news is, although this project is as beautiful and colorful as a cut flower arrangement, these succulent plants will continue on living. They can survive for several weeks on top of the moss alone, and over time, they can grow roots even without soil. You can then replant them in containers after you toss out your pumpkin.

In this project, you do not need to cut the pumpkin open to last for a couple of months or more. And it’s less effort on your part too! Remember, this is an easy DIY project.

Here’s What You Need 

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A lot of succulent enthusiasts are expressing how working with succulents helps them relax. So, before you even begin working with your succulents, you can double the benefit of this activity by creating something beautiful and while relaxing at the same time.

Create this project to give your busy mind a break. Be truly present while you are working with your arrangement and enjoy every minute of it. Take a few deep breaths before you begin. 

How To Do It Step By Step

pumpkin for succulent project
Pumpkin ready for the project

Step 1: Apply The Adhesive 

Whether you are using an adhesive spray, tacky glue, or hot glue, apply a good amount on top of the pumpkin.

Glue gun and moss
moss and glue gun

Step 2: Add The Sphagnum Moss

Press ½ inch thick Sphagnum moss on top of the pumpkin before the glue dries out. You might need to press the moss down to ensure it sticks to the pumpkin. Add more glue if needed as you work around it. 

succulent pumpkin arrangement
Created by Brenda Sendin

Step 3: Arrange The Succulents

This is the fun part. Arranging the succulents!

Using hot glue, attach each succulent to the moss. If you have rooted plants, make sure to remove the soil and some roots if they are thick. 

The glue will not harm the plants. 

You can start your arrangement by placing the taller succulent in the middle and work your way around it, or you can also start by anchoring some of the trailing ones first and work upward, filling each gap with succulents. Or whatever you feel comfortable doing.

 In my case, I place the succulents at an angle and work downwards. 

How To Care For The Arrangement

succulent pumpkin arrangement
Succulent pumpkin arrangement

You do not need to water it right away. If you are using cuttings, you should keep it dry for two weeks until the raw ends callus over. 

To protect the plants, do not expose them to direct sunlight, especially if the light is intense. When not stable, the plants will get some sunburn that will leave permanent ugly marks on their leaves. 

Find a bright location indoors. If you need to place it near the windowsill, be aware of reflective surfaces as they can also damage the plants. 

After two weeks, you can pour water on the moss and tilt any excess water. You can wet the moss once a week using a syringe or spray bottle and aim towards the moss and avoid the leaves. 

When the pumpkin begins to deteriorate after 2-3 months, remove the succulents and plant them in containers.

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