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The Confessions Of A Succulent Addict: The Good And The Bad Things About It

succulent addiction
confessions of a succulent addict

Do you have an uncontrolled desire to buy more succulents? 

The problem is, you already have a lot of them. In fact, you are running out of space as to where to put them. 

You already told yourself, more than once, that you won’t buy anymore!

The struggle begins when you see another new species or a more colorful version of the one you have. You can’t help yourself…the plant just mysteriously lands in your shopping cart!

You say “Just one more,” or “I still don’t have this one!” 

Your loving husband may have already suggested to you…” Honey, stop buying more plants because you already have a lot.” And as an obedient wife, you nodded and said “Yes.”

However, the occasional short trip to the grocery store often leads you to the place where these plants are displayed—and the cycle begins again.

If this sounds like you, welcome to the club of succulent addicts!

If you’ve just started with this hobby, maybe you can’t relate yet. Wait till you get hooked even more and you’ll understand what I mean.


In the meantime, learn from the mistakes of those who are a little bit ahead of you so that you won’t go down the same rabbit hole.

Why do we keep buying succulents?

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As hobbyists, how many succulents do we really want to collect? 

Why do we keep on buying more? 

Why can’t we resist getting more?

These might be puzzling questions for those who do not have the same hobby as us.

But the same question applies. Why do some people keep on buying clothes, shoes, and purses anyway? 

No one really needs 50 shoes or purses, and yet, some people keep wanting more and keep on adding to their collection!


The answer is the same. It’s really not a mystery.

Because these things make them happy!

Owning them gives them pride and looking at them gives them joy.

The same is true for those who keep buying succulents. These plants make us happy, and growing them well makes us feel proud.

But wait, there are more benefits to growing succulents.

Tweezers For Succulents

These plants give us the opportunity to slow down. To be in the garden, to feel the fresh air on our cheeks, and even to hear the birds chirping! All these are so refreshing for our well-being.

They not only help relax our tired muscles, but they also refresh our souls.

We are constantly exposed to stress, constantly rushing around, not paying much attention to what’s around us. 

A little stress is normal, but constant exposure to stress can disturb your balance.

We need a diversion. We need to slow down and recharge.

These adorable succulent plants can be our diversion. 

They are the ideal choice because, unlike the traditional plants we are used to, succulents don’t demand too much of our attention.

Although they need some care, they are very low maintenance. Succulents are more resilient compared to other plants and can survive neglect for days or even months. 

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Let’s Reflect

Let me ask you this: 

How do you feel when you get these plants?

Do you feel happy?

What do you feel when you are working with them?

Do you feel relaxed?

If so, how can something that makes you happy and relaxed become a bad thing?

You deserve to be happy. 

You deserve to enjoy the little things in life. 

That includes gardening with succulents.

So, do not feel guilty when you reward yourself with another plant.

When Can Succulent Addiction Become A Bad Thing?


When your once-organized garden becomes so disorganized because you have plants all over the place—succulents and pots everywhere, so many unfinished projects, piles of dirt waiting to be used, tools strewn about in every corner, so many neglected plants screaming for your attention!

Yes, these are all real scenarios that can happen, if they have not already.

Things can easily go out of control.  Over time, you’ll realize that instead of enjoying the one activity that allows you to relax, it has now become too overwhelming.

Are you guilty of overcrowding your space with too many succulents? Of collecting too many containers for future arrangements? 

Do you feel overwhelmed or lost? 

It is not my intention to make you feel bad about your hobby nor am I being insensitive. I want to discuss these things because I know how it feels. And I know how bad it can get. 

I’ve been in that situation before.  

There was a time that I got so crazy with succulents.

The number of plants I brought into my garden was way more than I can handle. I would continuously buy loads of plants, work on some, complete a few arrangements, and the rest? I did not know what to do with them nor where to put them!

My once-organized garden was filled with containers-after-containers of succulents that I could hardly walk in it anymore!

The hobby that once helped me relax started to overwhelm me. It came to a point that the garden that used to give me peace and comfort, now stressed me out because there were so many things that needed to be done, and I simply did not have the time, the energy nor enough space for them. 

But there is a better way!

At that time, it was either to give up collecting succulents or find a solution.

Giving up this amazing hobby of gardening with succulents was not an option for me. How can I give up a hobby that gave me joy?

I needed to find a better solution!

The first step that worked for me was acknowledging the fact that I had a  problem.

That I had no self-control over my desire to get more. 

That I went overboard.

Once I admitted this truth, that I lost control, I was able to find a solution.

What worked best for me was organizing these plants and incorporating them into my landscape. I consolidated. 

I created rock gardens, upcycled projects, built ledges, and vertical arrangements. 

Once again, I made order out of chaos.

Here are some examples of what I created that allowed me to collect more plants, but at the same time enabled me to maintain some sort of order. 

Succulent Wall frame

And yes, I continue to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in our garden.

Can Succulent Addiction Become A Good Thing?

To be able to take part in helping Mother Earth turn greener and greener each day is something to be proud of. 

As you keep on planting succulents, you are doing your share.

Recycling broken items and turning them into succulent planters are good ways to minimize carbon footprint. 

We can help reduce clutter by finding another purpose for these containers instead of allowing them to pile up in a mound of trash. Using planters other than the traditional pots will also showcase the uniqueness of your succulents. 

Who knew that getting creative with your containers is your own little way of having a positive impact on the environment?

Does earning extra income from something you love doing also sound good to you?

Succulents will give you a lot of opportunities to earn extra money. You can plant them from cuttings and after two to three months, you’ll have rooted succulents you can sell at triple the price.

You can also sell cuttings. What’s even better, the more you trim them, the more babies they will give you! Soon, you’ll be growing money while you sleep.

Succulent Cuttings from Chopstick and Succulents

You can even sell the leaves!

If you create arrangements, you can triple your profit.

Because of their drought tolerance, the plants can survive inside the box for days. Meaning, you can have a bigger market because you can ship the items to distant places.  

Multiple Ways To Earn Money Growing Succulents

how to grow colorful succulents
how to grow colorful succulents (Online Course)
  • You can sell rooted plants, succulent cuttings, or even leaves!
  • You can create arrangements and put them up for sale.
  • If you love to write, you can write blogs about succulents and earn from affiliate marketings and sponsored ads. You can even write a book and self-publish it. I was able to do it, and you can too!
  • If you enjoy creating digital designs, you can enroll in print-on-demand sites and create succulent-themed products at no extra cost to you. You can earn a commission on each sale.
  • If you like creating videos, you can create a Youtube channel and document your journey with succulents. As you grow your audience and watch time, you’ll get paid too.

These plants can open so many doors of opportunity for you.

Succulents changed my life, for the better. 

Yes, I am a succulent addict, and I am proud of it!😊

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