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How To Take Care Of Sedum Morganianum

Trailing succulent plant ( Sedum morganianum)
Trailing Sedum ( Sedum morganianum)

Sedum morganianum, aka ‘Donkey’s Tail’ or Burro’sTail, is a succulent plant with small leaves in clusters that are trailing down.

Because it tends to dangle down as it grows, it is best to plant it in hanging baskets or in suspended containers

If you are more creative, you can plant this in pots shaped like a human head and make it look like hairs trailing down.

You can also plant Donkey’s Tail or Burro’s Tail with other succulents in an arrangement. Look for those with the same light and water requirements; preferably from the Crassulaceae family.

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Whatever way you want to display this plant, you must know where to put it in your garden—finding the right place where it can achieve its best potential will help your gardening with Sedum morganianum much easier. But, of course, you also need to know how to properly care for this plant, especially how to water it.

Too much or too little is not good.

Too much light can cause this plant to get sunburned, especially when it has not adjusted well to it yet. An example of this situation is when you move it from a cooler location to a sunny spot abruptly in the summer. 

On the other hand, not enough light can cause it to elongate, have more significant gaps between the leaves, and the plant may become more delicate. The leaves can also easily fall off.

Not giving enough water can cause the leaves to shrink and wrinkle. But too much of it can also make them crack. Hopefully, you now realize the importance of knowing how to properly water this succulent plant.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison of this Sedum. The one on the left lacks water and looks unhealthy. The leaves are thin and wrinkly. The one in the middle is pretty healthy and chunky. But notice the one on the right. Although it is also chunky, it does not look healthy when compared to the one in the middle. Some leaves have already fallen off, those attached to the stem have cracks.

When this Sedum gets overwatered, the stored moisture inside their cells seeps into the surrounding tissues, and later on, the leaves can crack or become mushy.

‘Burro’s Tail’ versus ‘Donkey’s Tail’

We often see the two Sedum morganianum: the ‘Burro’s Tail’ and the ‘Donkey’s Tail.’

To tell them apart, pay attention to the shape of their leaves.

The ‘Donkey’s Tail’ has crescent-shaped leaves and slightly pointed tips. It is also loosely clustered.

The ‘Burro’s Tail’ on the other hand, has rounded-shaped leaves and is more tightly clustered.

How do you water your Sedum morganianum?

So, how do you water this succulent plant?

This Sedum prefers more frequent watering than other succulents. It likes to be on the moist side rather than be completely dry for a long time.

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And it is easy to tell if the plant needs more water because the leaves will look wrinkly. But you do not need to wait for those signs before giving the plant a drink.

You can water once a week as long as the soil dries out fast. 

Watering this plant also depends on the season, your climate, and even your soil mixture. 

During summer, when it is hot and the soil dries out fast, you can even water them every other day. But during winter, when this plant is dormant, keeping the ground (or dirt if in a pot) dry most of the time will help keep this plant alive.

When using crumbly soil mixtures, most of the water drains through and the soil dries fast. In that case, you can water thoroughly when the soil is dry. But if you are using a soil mixture that holds more moisture, you need to pay attention to how well hydrated the plant is and ensure that it is not sitting on wet soil for a long time. 

Moist soil is okay. Problems arise when the soil is soaking wet most of the time.

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Light Preference

Sedum Morganianum prefers bright but not very strong light. As a result, it can grow well both outdoors or indoors if they’re in well-lit areas.  

It can be grown in full sun without damage if it is well adjusted to the heat. With constant exposure, it will become more compact and more resilient.


Once you find that perfect spot where they can grow well, this plant will reward you with many offsets.

Leaf Propagation

It is exciting to grow these succulents from leaves. The best ones to propagate are those matured and chunky ones. The leaves separate from the stem with little effort. Some of them may fall off with the slightest touch, often resulting in an intact specimen.

Sedum morganianum
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Remember to give time for the tip of the leaves to callus before placing it on top of the soil. Watering well when the soil is dry can help you grow healthy succulent babies.


Another way of growing more of this plant is to prune it to encourage more growth. Trim near where you want to encourage more sprouts to grow. The best time to do the trimming is during springtime when these plants are actively growing. 

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Plant the cuttings in a fast-draining soil mixture. You can use a ready-made cactus mix or create your own using 50% organic ( compost, potting soil, carbonated rice hull) and 50 % inorganic components ( perlite, coarse sand, lava rocks). 

Use containers with drainage holes to ensure water will drain through fast to avoid overwatering your succulent plants.

As the plant matures, it beautifully trails down. And because this is a drought-tolerant plant, it will even survive with minimal care.

Will it change color when stressed? Of course, it will, but not as colorful as the Crassulas and Echeverias. 

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Its bluish-green hue, small clustered leaves, trailing-down growth, and drought tolerance are just a few qualities to love about Sedum morganianum.

The unique look of both the Donkey’s tail and Burro’s tail makes them very popular with succulent collectors. With proper care, especially watering this succulents plant, you can grow your own head-turners and be the envy of your group. Or you can be happy that you can also have those picture-perfect plants that you can show off or just admire.

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