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My Succulents Have Too Much Water! How To Rescue Them?

How To Save Overwatered Succulents How do you save overwatered succulents? The most common cause of failure when growing succulents is giving them too much water. While these chunky plants are resilient when it comes to water shortages, they are also equally fragile when they have too much. Overwatered succulents are in danger of destruction. […]

How Long Can Succulent Cuttings Last Unplanted?

Do you know how long succulent cuttings can last unplanted? You’ll be surprised, but those succulent cuttings can survive for days, even weeks without soil or water. The moisture succulents store within their cells allows them to survive on top of a paper towel or even inside a box for days! That’s what makes succulent […]

Important Succulent Care Tips ( How Not To Kill Your Succulents)

If you are a beginner in growing succulents, you need to know some essential care tips to keep them alive. Because, although succulents are living plants, they are not the same as the common plants we see every day. Weren’t you amazed at how vibrant their colors are and how interesting they look? I’m sure […]

The Confessions Of A Succulent Addict: The Good And The Bad Things About It

Do you have an uncontrolled desire to buy more succulents?  The problem is, you already have a lot of them. In fact, you are running out of space as to where to put them.  You already told yourself, more than once, that you won’t buy anymore! The struggle begins when you see another new species […]

12 Important Things You Need To Know About Succulents That Will Help You Start A Successful Hobby

12 Important Things You Need To Know About Succulents That Will Help You Start A Successful Hobby

As a beginner, the first thing that probably attracted you to succulents is their unique beauty. To successfully grow these plants and truly enjoy this hobby, you need to know a few important things as a beginner that will surely help you grow them easily. Who wouldn’t want to own those pastel-colored Echeverias that look […]

How To Decorate The Pumpkin With Succulents!

How To Decorate The Pumpkin With Succulents!

Amaze Your Family And Friends With Your Creativity This Fall! Create A Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement! Creating arrangements using succulents is always fun and relaxing. Loosen your tensed muscles and enjoy a few minutes of fun by putting together this succulent pumpkin decor that is sure to impress everyone!  This post contains affiliate links. If you […]