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The Confessions Of A Succulent Addict: The Good And The Bad Things About It

Do you have an uncontrolled desire to buy more succulents?  The problem is, you already have a lot of them. In fact, you are running out of space as to where to put them.  You already told yourself, more than once, that you won’t buy anymore! The struggle begins when you see another new species […]

How To Decorate The Pumpkin With Succulents!

How To Decorate The Pumpkin With Succulents!

Amaze Your Family And Friends With Your Creativity This Fall! Create A Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement! Creating arrangements using succulents is always fun and relaxing. Loosen your tensed muscles and enjoy a few minutes of fun by putting together this succulent pumpkin decor that is sure to impress everyone!  This post contains affiliate links. If you […]